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Pinkster Tournament 2020

Amsterdam Masters

We warmly welcome you at the 28th edition of the Pinkster Tournament, one of the biggest and oldest tournaments on the international GLTA calendar. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, where you come from or how you look but come, participate and enjoy the tournament!

From 29 May – 1 June gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and straights mix for exciting tennis matches, parties, nice food and pleasant meetings at Smashing Pink Amsterdam.

The event will start on Thursday evening 28 May with a tennis clinic and a lovely Meet & Greet at the Amstelpark tennis venue. You can do your warming up by hitting some balls at the courts. The matches will start on Friday morning.

You will be there, right?

Because the Pinkster Tournament means:

  • Lots of tennis. Sportive and competitive tennis matches at your level; hundreds of players attend in all GLTA categories
  • Lots of fun. A nice dinner and a special party this year
  • Lots of women, lots of men, lot’s of doubles, lots of mixed doubles

GLTA Masters

We are very proud that the GLTA Board has selected the Pinkster Tournament 2020 as being one of the 5 Master Tournaments in Europe.

Playing at a Masters Series tournament is an opportunity for players to earn double championship points. Because of that we expect that the Pinkster Tournament 2020 could sell out fast and an early registration is advisable. So make sure that you register straight after the registration for the Pinkster Tournament opens on Valentine’s Day – 14 February via the GLTA website. Registration closes 10 May, but please note that an earlier closing is possible.

If you are looking for accommodation in Amsterdam, please book early!
We give you here some options.

This year’s Pinkster Tournament team


Tournament director (operations): Bea Vrijhof





Operational and technnical assistance: Marion Fisser




Tournament director (technical): Frank Basjes





Communications: Annemiek L’Ortye, ellekari jongenelen, Eric van der Palen




In 1993 a few gay and lesbian tennisplayers took the initiative to organise a friendly gay and lesbian tournament. 16 men and 16 women from various tennisclubs participated. The event took place on Pinkster Saturday. In 1994 they organized the tournament again, this time as a preparation for those who were going to participate the Gay Games in New York. Amsterdam sent a strong delegation to the New York Gay Games because we were bidding to host the Gay Games in 1998 Amsterdam. You probably know that we won the bid! Since 1995 the gay tennisplayers used a couple of courts on Saturday afternoons, and gradually their initiative attracted more participants. The idea for a gay and lesbian tennisclub was born. In 1996 Tom Bijlmer and Ed van Betuwe founded the first gay and lesbian tennisclub: Smashing Pink. The club got their first clay courts at NTC tennispark. In the years to come Smashing Pink grew rapidly to over 400 gay and lesbian members. Once Amsterdam was elected to organize the Gay Games in 1998 the yearly Pinksterstennis became a rehearsal for organizing gay and lesbian tennistournaments on a larger scale.

For clubmembers as well as for many others the Pinkster Tournament is a yearly highlight.

Pinkster Trophy

In the spirit of gay and lesbian visibility in sports the Pinkstertournament rewards a remarkable participant for his or her achievements every year. The Pinkster Trophy symbolises LGBTI empowerment. The trophy was initiated by Ed van Betuw, one of the founders of the Pinkstertournament:
“The trophy emphasizes the aim of the tournament for inclusion and gay empowerment in sports. Everyone, regardless their gender, age or level of play can win the trophy.”
Artist Berenice Witsen Elias designed the Pinkster Trophy.
Niek van der Spek won the Pinkster Trophy 2019.

Previous Winners Pinkster Trophy

2019 Niek van der Spek

2018 Reese Arlington Scott

2017 Diego Puls

2016 Sussi Oscarsson

2015 Sophie Barbier

2014 Luis Madejón Muñoz

2013 Marcus Tettera

2012 Jaime Koster

2011 Marianne Brandt

2010 Patrick Tang

2009 Roman Pavlicek

2008 Luc Albert

2007 Francis Dunselman

2005 Rens van Roosmalen

2004 Pieter de Vilder

2003 Gerrie Mulder

2002 Peter Ravell

2001 Remi van Gent

2000 Jacqueline van Meyel

1999 Uwe Lammel

1998 Karel Kneppelhout

1997 Margie Scharff

1996 Mariels Braat

1995 Marianne R. Vrijdaghs

1994 Annelies van Wijngaarden

1993 Hans Tulleners



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