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Frequently Asked Questions

When starts the registration for the Pinkster Tournament?

You can register for this tournament  from February 14th (Valentines day) 2019 at the GLTA site till May 19th, 2019

This is my first GLTA tournament. What do I have to do first?

In case you never played a GLTA tournament before you need to register at GLTA first to get a GLTA number. You need this number to register for the Pinkster Tournament. You can register here.

I cannot login on the GLTA site

If you’ve had a GLTA account before, and can’t remember your password – STOP do NOT create a new account. Please write to our tournament officer at GLTA, Thomas Kidd at, and he will assist you with resetting your account.

What is my GLTA-level?

If you want to find out what your level is for GLTA, look at this link . Please note that we will check your actual level prior to the start of the tournament, to ensure fair competition.

There are times during the tournament when I won't be able to play

We are sorry to say we cannot accommodate conflicting commitments. Reason is that 300 participants will play around 500 matches in 4 days! Planning is quite challenging and therefore we ask you to be available during all 4 days of the tournament hours. The tournament starts Friday morning. Thank you for your cooperation!

My partner has a different ranking than me. In which level should I register?

There can only be 1 level of difference between you and your mixed or doubles partner. For example, as a B player you can play with a partner of level A or C.

If my doubles or mixed partner has a stronger ranking, what ranking counts?

The strongest ranking counts. In the doubles divisions, couples will be placed in the appropriate division based on the rankings of the strongest player.

I want to play mixed or doubles, but I don't have a tennispartner

No problem! When you register, please indicate that you are looking for a ‘partner wanted’  and we will link you to someone of your level.

Poules (round robin), elimination rounds, consolation



  • Singles
    All singles will be played in elimination rounds. All single matches will be the best of 3 sets with a tiebreak at 6-6. And a supertiebreak in lieu of a third set. If you lose your first match, please enlist immediately at the tournament desk for consolotation rounds (at Amstelpark on indoor hardcourts)
  • Doubles / Mix
    All doubles will be played in poules / Round Robin. Since we want everyone to be able to play two matches the tournament directors reserve the right to adjust poules at any time to deal with cancellations
Consolation rounds
  • Consolation rounds are open to all players who lost the first match in the singles events. There are no consolation matches for the round robin events
  • Consolation round matches will be played indoors at Amstelpark
  • You need to sign up for consolation rounds. You can sign up at the tournament desk immediately after you lost your first match.
    Note: If you don’t sign up, you cannot play in the consolation rounds!
  • Consolation matches are to be played as 8 game pro-sets, with a tiebreak at 8-8.
Did you read the GLTA tournament regulations?

No? Please do! Read the GLTA tournament regulations

How do I pay for the tournament?



Go to GLTA site and follow payment instructions.


I send in the registration form but I don't see my name on the GLTA website?

When your registration has been processed, your name will appear on the GLTA tournament site. This may take some time. We publish new registrations once or twice a week, so just be a little patient. Thank you!


If your name is listed ‘PENDING’, your payment has not yet been received. Payment needs to be received within 7 days after sending in your registration form.

When and where is the dinner | party?

The dinner | party takes place on Saturday evening/night June 8th at tennis venue, as from 19:00 hrs.

After the tennis matches we will enjoy a delicious dinner, and we can dance and party till the early morning.

Hosted Housing

Please arrange you stay in Amsterdam early. Amsterdam is quite crowded during Pentacost. You have to make early reservations for a hotel. Unfortunately, we have only limited hosted housing. Look at some options on the right..


Question? Please send an email to

What happens when it rains?

Rain scenario: In the event of rain, the tournament organization will decide for the rain scenario. In that case, all matches will be played indoors at the venue (Amstelpark indoor hardcourts) and in case of necessity (determined by tournament directors) at other venues.

I have read it all, but still have a question

If your question(s) is not answered, please mail your question(s) to We will try to contact you asap.

Where to sleep and other tips

We only have very limited capacity for hosted housing. And…Lots of tourists visit Amsterdam during Pentacost. Therefore, book your accomodation early.   Please have a look at the following options. Most hotels know where to rent bikes.


Bike rental

(ask your hotel manager about bike rental options)

Other information

If you can not find the information you need, please send an email to



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