-changes in the program can occur-



17.00 Start registration in the FREEDOM lounge. 18.45 Opening tournament > PRIDE TERRAS 18.00-22.00 Freedom! Surprising warming up and random doubles and mixed games.

FRIDAY 13th of MAY

08.30-23.00 Tournament 13.00-17.00 (Chair) massages by Ahmed 17.30-21:30 BBQ (fee)


08.30-21.00 Tournament 20.00-00:00 Freedom!: Diner & Dance & Eurovision. Saturday evening it’s time to party and to celebrate FREEDOM. On Saturday matches will end around 8 pm latest. We will share a buffet with delicious options for all flavours and preferences, including a free drink.
For only € 20 you can purchase your buffet ticket when you register for the tournament.
After dinner we will dance together to good music till the early hours and watch the Eurovision finals together. Party is included in your buffet ticket.
Of course your non-playing friends are welcome too, you can order their buffet ticket together with your own.

SUNDAY 15th of MAY

09.00-21.00 Tournament 16.00 Charity Raffle
17.30-21:30 BBQ (fee)
from 19 onwards: let’s meet down town at Cafe Prik, proud sponsor of the Pinkstertournament
21:30 Discovering Amsterdam with your new friends

MONDAY 16th of MAY

9.00-16.00 Tournament (finals) 17:00 Award Ceremony With persistent rain we move all games to the indoor courts of our venue. The tournament directors will announce the rain-scenario at the park and on the website. You can also call during the tournament with the

 Pinkster Hotline only during tournament 


For more information about the PinksterTournament you can contact the tournament directors: