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The Pinkster Tournament is proud of its tradition to support gays and lesbians in more difficult parts of the world. Every year we choose a group or initiative in the GLBT network who fight for equal rights for homosexual men, lesbian women and transgenders. If possible we connect to a sports initiative, but in countries where basic rights are not secured or respected, sports is not always a first priority. In a rafle where you can win attractive prices we collect money that we donate as a gesture of friendship and support to our brothers and sisters elsewhere.

This year’s Charity  –  IraQueer –  Iraq and Kurdistan

Gay and lesbians in Iraq and Kurdistan live in extremely difficult circumstances. Not only is their  region affected by ongoing war and armed conflict, the iraqi and kurdish societies are very repressive towards sexuality in general, especially for women and LGBTs.

IraQueer is the first and only LGBT+ organization focusing on the LGBT+ community in Iraq/Kurdistan region. With a core team of diverse activists mostly residing inside Iraq, IraQueer represents the start of the first queer movement in Iraq’s public history.

IraQueer supports members of the queer community through providing direct services, support and protection. In addition they do international advocacy efforts based on documentations and reports by their members.

Have a look and read some heartbraking, yet encouraging stories

And please donate, so IraQueer can increase their important work for an invisible LGBT community who desparately need our support.

2016 Charity

In a world of increasing violence against those of different beliefs and lifestyles, the tournament team decided to direct our outreach efforts this year, 2016, to a young LGBT community initiative in the Middle East. Thank you for supporting our courageous friends of ‘Proud Lebanon’.


Proud Lebanon is a non-profit, non-religious, non-political, non-partisan civil society that aims to promote sustainable social & economic development in Lebanon and the region and is working to achieve protection, empowerment to cope with dicrimination and equality of marginalized groups through community service activities.

Proud Lebanon

Proud Lebanon started its activities in August 2013 and is a registered non-profit civil society.
Since the Syrian war started in 2011, Lebanon saw its population grow with 30 -50%. The huge influx of refugees increased the pressure in the already tense and sensitive Lebanese society. As a result discrimination and marginalisation of vulnerable groups is getting worse. The entire LGBTI community, from backgrounds and nationalities are facing increasing discrimination and violation of basic human rights.

Proud Lebanon is dedicated to promote tolerance in Lebanon and the region, to ensure the well-being and the empowerment of LGBTs. Proud Lebanon advocates for equal human rights, they provide legal advice to LBGTs, they promote improved health services in the field of HIV testing and treatment and they provide educational and social activities aiming empowerment and active social participation of LGBTs. Proud Lebanon has the ambition to build strong networks as a basis to reach out to other LBGT initiatives in the Middle East.

2015 and 2014

2015: Rainbow Tennis Russia Moscow: this group organized their first gay tennis tournament in Russia. Under the umbrella of the Russian LGBT Sports federation, they create safe spaces, free of homophobia, where the LBGT community can play tennis together. A few of them visited Amsterdam to enter the Pinkster Tournament 2015. Watch the movie of Rainbow Tennis in Moscow!

2014: Rainbow Tennis Russia Moscow. Watch this movie.

2013 and 2012

2013: Labris, an interest group for lesbian women in Serbia (2013)

2012: Chosen FEW in Johannesburg and KAOS GL in Ankara.

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